Kimura Racing Partnership

Case Study

Brief Overview

Kimura Performance were looking at potential sponsors for the ROKiT F4 Esports Championship where Kimura Performance entered their first pro sim racing team. The Championship consisted of 6 rounds spread over a 3-month period. We had the opportunity to put sponsorship on the car as well as our drivers for the brand to be showcased live on stream and in return receive merchandise or sponsorship money.


The team carried out research through their extensive network within the racing industry. Tuatara reached out directly to Kimura Performance regarding potential sponsorship opportunities. Tuatara is a sim racing glove company that sells premium racing gloves who have a strong brand and product who the team thought would be a perfect partner. The team proposed a variety of sponsorship packages to the CEO where product would be provided in return for sponsorship on the car along with social media posts.

The Results

As a result of the positive meeting with Tuatara, they provided us with a large package of 23 premium gloves specifically for the Championship worth c. £400. The long-term strategy is now for Tuatara to come become a long-term brand partner of Kimura Performance Racing and work with them on future endeavours.

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