Liona Theobald & Eliza Seville at the launch of Jamie Chadwick’s Revolution in Grassroots Motorsport for Women

In a ground breaking announcement which is set to reshape the landscape of grassroots motorsport, three-time W-Series Champion Jamie Chadwick has announced a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering female participation in racing. The announcement came amidst the buzz of an event activation hosted by Daytona Motorsport, where Kimura Racing drivers Eliza Seville and Liona Theobald were also in attendance.

The initiative is set to kickstart with a thrilling offer: free karting sessions open to females aged eight and above at various Daytona kart racing venues across the UK. This bold step aims to remove financial barriers and encourage young girls to step into the world of motorsport, nurturing talent from an early age.

Eliza Seville and Liona Theobald, two young stars in the motorsport scene, couldn’t contain their enthusiasm at the prospect of this groundbreaking initiative. Eliza expressed her delight, stating, “Today was a good day of karting in aid of launching Jamie Chadwick’s new karting series with Daytona Motorsport”.

Chadwick’s vision extends beyond merely providing opportunities for female racers. The highlight of her initiative is the upcoming launch of ‘The Jamie Chadwick Series,’ an all-female racing championship slated to unfold over the remainder of 2024. This championship promises high-octane action, fierce competition, and a platform for female drivers to shine on their terms.

Daytona Motorsport in partnership with Jamie Chadwick in this initiative, expressed their full support for Chadwick’s vision. ‘At Daytona Motorsport, we are proud to stand alongside Jamie Chadwick in this transformative initiative. Together, we are committed to empowering the next generation of female racers and reshaping the landscape of motorsport for years to come. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we drive towards a more inclusive and diverse future in racing’.

As the engines rev in anticipation, one thing is clear: Jamie Chadwick’s revolution is poised to leave an indelible mark on motorsport history, inspiring generations of female racers to chase their dreams, one lap at a time.

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