Kimura Racing and Asetek Unveil Thrilling Partnership with Forte Wheel & Pedals Unboxing Video

Filmed at the heart of the Kimura Performance’s London HQ, the unboxing video showcases Ryan and Matt experiencing the awe-inspiring moment of revealing the Asetek Forte Wheel & Pedals for the first time. The duo, known for their precision on the track and friendship off it, were visibly excited as they explored the advanced features of the cutting-edge simulation equipment.

Kimura Racing Drivers Ryan Micallef and Matt Caruana, in collaboration with Digital Pie, recently unveiled this partnership through an exhilarating unboxing video featuring the Asetek Forte Wheel & Pedals.

The Asetek Forte Wheel & Pedals, a pinnacle of Asetek’s gaming technology, promises to revolutionise the world of simulation racing. With advanced force feedback mechanisms and realistic pedal response, the Forte series aims to bridge the gap between virtual and real-world racing experiences. Kimura Racing, recognised for their commitment to excellence, see this partnership as a strategic move to elevate their simulators to the next level.

Digital Pie, a creative force in the world of digital content creation, played a pivotal role in capturing the unboxing experience.

As the partnership between Kimura Racing and Asetek evolves, both parties express their enthusiasm for future projects and initiatives that will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of simulation racing and beyond. The collaboration marks a significant step forward in the convergence of motorsports and gaming technology, promising an exciting future for fans and enthusiasts alike.

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