ROKiT British F4 Esports

Kimura Racing Partnership

Case Study

Brief Overview

The ROKiT British F4 Esports Championship 2022 was the first of its kind and a brand new Sim Racing (Esports) Championship in association with Motorsport UK. This was an opportunity to put Kimura Racing on the map as a Sim Racing entity and to show our business model and skillsets.


We entered the championship, created a team with a vehicle livery and sourced four drivers. Two drivers were found through networking, two drivers were sourced through talent identification. We then sourced sponsorship for the team to fund the championship and to show how sim racing brand partnerships work, in order to attract further brands. We strategically chose these partnerships to showcase both product based and service based partners.

We hosted round one in our office on our simulators and created some excellent content. This has been a great case study for future events and showed us what worked and how we can improve. We secured our first points of the season and were close in the battle for fourth place in the standings, going into week 3. We gave three out of our four drivers the opportunity to drive in the championship, with our fourth driver operating in a coaching role. This group dynamic worked really well and helped improve our performances.

The Results

The team ultimately finished in fifth place out of twelve positions, in the final standing of the championship, narrowly missing out on fourth position. This was an excellent finish, beating the likes of both Team Fordzilla teams, who have been operating as a professional sim racing team for many years. We showed our ability, have gained decent exposure within sim racing and are now being talked about by many real-life drivers; many of these are looking to engage and join Kimura Racing. The 2022 ROKiT British F4 Esports Championship has also been shortlisted for the “Best Streaming Event of 2022” at The Race Media Awards with the team having built a strong working relationship with Paul Crawford, who is the current Esports Manager at Motorsport UK.

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