British F4 Esports Championship Race Review Round 7

Below is a race report for Round 7 of the British F4 Esports Championship. This report includes basic event information as well as detailed break-downs of both races and the results from both.

Driver Qualifying 1 Race 1 Race 2 Starting Position Race 2 Driver Championship Standings Team Championship Standings
Freddie Ingram
Ryan Micallef

Team Championship Gap to Leader – 3 Points
Driver Championship Gap to Leader – Ryan Micallef –211 Pts Matt Caruana – 126 Pts Freddie Ingram – 211 Pts

Points System
1st – 25 CP 6th – 8CP Fastest Lap – 1CP
2nd – 18 CP 7th – 6CP
3rd – 15 CP 8th – 4CP
4th – 12 CP 9th – 2CP
5th – 10 CP 10th – 1CP

Event Socials Viewership
Twitter – @MSPTUK_Esports
Average concurrent viewers: 118
YouTube – Racespot.TV Total views: 1.1k

In race 1, Ryan suffered from a bad starting position due to a poor qualifying session. Freddie started in the mid-pack however both
drivers were together in the mid-pack by the end of lap 3. Ryan managed to make some excellent overtakes and moved his way up to 14th while Freddie maintained his spot in 18th. Both drivers managed to stay out of trouble and put themselves into a good position for Race 2.

Race 2 began well with Ryan being on the tail end of the leading group however Freddie was caught up in a mess in the midfield that
caused him to lose 3 seconds. Ryan was battling well for the final points position when an incident from a car in front of him gave him
wing damage. This put Ryan at a disadvantage and was made even worse when the iRacing contact model made Ryan’s car almost
flip while driving next to another driver. Freddie’ position was irrecoverable after losing the slipstream of the train ahead

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