British F4 Esports Championship Race Review Round 6

Below is a race report for Round 6 of the British F4 Esports Championship. This report includes basic event information as well as detailed break-downs of both races and the results from both.

Driver Qualifying 1 Race 1 Race 2 Starting Position Race 2 Driver Championship Standings Team Championship Standings
Freddie Ingram
Ryan Micallef

Team Championship Gap to Leader – 11 Points
Driver Championship Gap to Leader – Ryan Micallef – 186 Pts Matt Caruana – 104 Pts Freddie Ingram – 189 Pts

Points System
1st – 25 CP 6th – 8CP Fastest Lap – 1CP
2nd – 18 CP 7th – 6CP
3rd – 15 CP 8th – 4CP
4th – 12 CP 9th – 2CP
5th – 10 CP 10th – 1CP

Event Socials Viewership
Twitter – @MSPTUK_Esports
Average concurrent viewers: 140
YouTube – Racespot.TV Total views: 1.6k

In Race 1 Ryan made fantastic progress on lap 1 to gain several positions and enter the top 10 while Freddie made his way to P14. On lap 2 Ryan was extremely unfortunate with the car ahead losing control in the last corner and blocking the track causing Ryan to hit him and go off track. This incident was the end of Ryan’s race due to the damage sustained. Freddie was able to move to P11 where he remained for the remainder of the race due to his group being 4 seconds off the cars ahead.

In Race 2, Ryan was immediately caught up in chaos at the back of the track and ended up dropping 5 seconds from the group and ending his race very early on. Freddie endured a safe lap 1 and lost 1 position. Despite driving comfortably in P12 Freddie was involved in a repeat of Ryan’s race 1 incident where a car ahead lost control and blocked his pathway causing Freddie to hit him. Overall, both races were tainted by unavoidable incidents caused by other drivers and has been an unfortunate common theme throughout the event. Freddie’s P11 drive was very promising however all his work was ruined by another driver in Race 2.

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