Riley Phillips and Team Olympian Triumph in Thrilling Endurance Fun Cup 2023

In a heart-pounding finale at Oulton Park, Riley Phillips and Team Olympian pulled off a stunning result to reclaim the Endurance Fun Cup Championship for 2023. Despite facing seemingly insurmountable odds, the team’s tenacity and determination shone through, securing their second championship win. The final race of the Endurance Fun Cup 2023 had fans on the edge of their seats as the tension mounted. With their championship hopes hanging by a thread, Riley Phillips and Team Olympian were faced with a seemingly impossible task in very wet conditions. As the final stages of the race approached, all hope appeared lost, the team believed their title chances had slipped away.

Riley Phillips took to his Instagram to share the rollercoaster of emotions experienced during those critical moments. He posted, “The last photo in this set is around 15 minutes before I went out for the last stint, all was lost and there was nothing we could do, no pace would bring us back into contention for the championship. We all thought it was over. The rest of the team stood around the timing screen trying to work out if there was another way we could win, but it was all out of our control. 15 minutes later we would be champions for the second time.”

This incredible turn of events highlights the unpredictable and thrilling nature of motorsport. Team Olympian’s ability to seize victory from the jaws of defeat showcases the unwavering spirit and determination of both the team and Kimura Racing driver, Riley Phillips. The Endurance Fun Cup 2023 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most dramatic and captivating championships in recent memory, with Riley Phillips and Team Olympian emerging as the ultimate champions, defying the odds to etch their names once again on the trophy.

Pos.CarTeamRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Total
1st267Team Olympian717144697133716642505
2nd146PLR Racing686060646660406458500
3rd170Team Viking & Ursus Capital Racing386440666870626064494
4th225UVio / Hofmann's Motorsport666671703240682866479
5th103AxiaMetrics/GRD Racing363266565266646256458
6th249MJ Tec-6268626434346862454
8th212EDF Motorsports505464386256543052430
9th246Vapeclub with EDF Motorsports564858445452364850410
10th97GT Radial - #marshalstorace644262586042323434396
11th210Fuelled Up Racing444648504248584448386
11th155Team Ratters Racing5856--3858605660386
13th98Team 3 Motorsport464454404850564632384
14th110Red River Sport545250465038464028376
15th251JPR Team LRS485038543444384244358
16th99JPR Young Guns52305652463603846356
17th104EDF Motorsports424046483628483238330
19th214Seed Data40340000525036212
20th1GCI Racing-68---6466--198
21st195JPR Team BSP------447169184
22nd49Signature RV - Powered by BPC Motorsport-----54-5270176
23rd157The James Gang0365242440-00174
24th92Jackpot Racing----40--3640116
26th106DW Motorsport----5630---86
27th158EDF Motorsports-----46---46
28th125Team MSBW----30----30

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