Round 6 Preview of the Fun Cup at Silverstone: Riley Phillips and Team Olympian Eyeing Victory

The Fun Cup is revving up for Round 6, and all eyes are on the iconic Silverstone Circuit, where racing fans will witness a thrilling battle for supremacy. Where Kimura Racing’s Riley Phillips and Team Olympian are the ones to watch as they lead the championship standings with an impressive 326 points. As the competition heats up, teams are gearing up for an action-packed race that promises excitement and drama on every corner.

Riley Phillips and Team Olympian have emerged as the frontrunners in the Fun Cup series. Their consistency and strong performances throughout the season have catapulted them to the top of the standings. With Round 6 at Silverstone on the horizon, they are determined to extend their lead and solidify their position as the team to beat.

Pos.CarTeamRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Total
1st267Team Olympian7171446971----326
2nd146PLR Racing6860606466----318
3rd225UVio / Hofmann's Motorsport6666717032----305
4th97GT Radial6442625860----286
6th170Team Viking & Ursus Capital Racing3864406668----276
7th212EDF Motorsport5054643862----268
8th246Vapeclub with EDF Motorsports5648584454----260
9th249MJ Tec-62686264----256
10th110Signature Motorhomes5452504650----252
11th103AxiaMetrics/GRD Racing3632665652----242
12th99Seed Data5230565246----236
13th98Team 3 Motorsport4644544048----232
14th210Fuelled Up Racing4446485042----230
16th104EDF Motorsport4240464836----212
17th157The James Gang036524244----174
18th155Team Ratters Racing5856--38----152
20th214Question Tools4034000----74
21st1GCI Racing-68-------68
22nd106JPR For Hire----56----56
23rd92Jackpot Racing----40----40
24th125Team MSBW----30----30

Silverstone, often referred to as the “Home of British Motorsport,” is an iconic circuit steeped in racing history. The venue has seen countless legendary battles and unforgettable moments over the years. With its fast straights, challenging corners, and wide-open spaces, the Silverstone Circuit demands skill, bravery, and precision from every driver.

With each passing race, the championship battle becomes more intense. As the points gap narrows, every move and decision on the track can determine the fate of the season. Riley Phillips and Team Olympian know the importance of consistency and staying ahead of their rivals to secure the title.

Round 6 at Silverstone promises to be a spectacle for motorsport enthusiasts. The blend of skill, speed, and strategy showcased by the drivers will keep fans on the edge of their seats throughout the race. Best of luck to Riley Phillips and Team Olympian!

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