Motormouth Charity Kart Race Day 2023 a Spectacular Display of Racing Prowess

Whilton Mill Circuit witnessed a spectacular display of racing prowess at the Motormouth Charity Kart Race Day 2023. A total of 19 teams, including prominent F1 teams, professional outfits, and celebrity drivers, competed fiercely on the challenging track. In this adrenaline-fueled event, Kimura Racing entered 2 teams, Kimura Racing Hot Wheels and Kimura Racing Bandit Brigade.

Joey Cottenden in deep tactical conversations with Eliza Seville, Donovan Dyer & Tobin Leigh.

Kimura Racing Hot Wheels, comprised of a formidable lineup of talented drivers:

Kimura Racing Bandit Brigade, featured an equally impressive lineup:

Throughout the day, the circuit was filled with nail-biting excitement as drivers maneuvered their karts with precision and skill, battling for supremacy. The presence of F1 teams and professional racers added an extra layer of competition and excitement to the event, captivating the audience and keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

Kimura Racing Hot Wheels had a kart malfunction which hindered their progress for the race however they managed to recover and finished an impressive 6th place and showcased their exceptional speed and strategic racing manoeuvres to obtain a respectable finish. Meanwhile, Kimura Racing Bandit Brigade demonstrated their consistency, tenacity, and talent, securing a well-deserved third-place finish against some serious opposition. With the top 4 below;

  1. Ginetta Cars
  2. Aston Martin F1
  3. Kimura Racing Bandit Brigade
  4. Alpine F1

The Motormouth Charity Kart Race Day 2023 not only celebrated the spirit of racing but also aimed to make a positive impact through charitable contributions. The event served as a platform for teams to come together, showcasing their skills while supporting a noble cause.

There were plenty of famous celebrities in attendance on the day including Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard, BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing AJ Pritchard, F1 YouTuber Benjamin Daly & AMG Driver Adam Christodoulou.

Ryan Micallef flying around the circuit.

Kimura’s outstanding performance in a highly competitive field solidified their status as an up-and-coming force to be reckoned within the racing world.

As the curtains closed on this exhilarating event, participants and spectators alike left with unforgettable memories of intense racing, celebrity sightings, and the triumph of Kimura Racing. The Motormouth Charity Kart Race Day 2023 will be remembered as a thrilling spectacle that brought together motorsport enthusiasts, professionals, and celebrities, all in the name of supporting a worthy cause. The Kimura Racing Team are already looking forward to next years event which aims to be even bigger and better than this years.

Eliza Seville, Donovan Dyer, Tobin Leigh & Joey round the track.
Tobin Leigh and Donovan Dyer exchanging words of wisdom on the track.

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