Riley Phillips Aims for Perfect Hat-Trick in Round 3 of Fun Cup at Anglesey Coast

In a bid to continue their victorious streak, Kimura’s Riley Phillips and Team Olympian are preparing to continue their dominance in the upcoming Round 3 of the Fun Cup at Anglesey Coast on the weekend of June 24th. Leading the charge is the young and talented driver, Riley Phillips, who has already claimed victory in the first two rounds of the exhilarating racing series.

After two sensational wins, Riley Phillips and Team Olympian have set their sights on securing a perfect hat-trick, hoping to solidify their position as the unstoppable force in the highly competitive Fun Cup championship. The talented driver has been one of the standout performers, displaying exceptional skill, precision, and composure throughout the previous races. Phillips was the driver of the day last time out with Peter Scherer reviewing the race highlighting Phillips as the star of the day with the full article that can be read on the Fun Cup website.

With Anglesey Coast’s challenging track layout and unpredictable weather conditions, this round promises to be a true test of skill and determination for all participants. However, Team Olympian, backed by a dedicated crew and a high-performance machine, remains confident in their ability to conquer the course.

As anticipation builds for the thrilling race weekend, motorsport enthusiasts and fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness Round 3 and Team Olympian’s relentless pursuit of victory. Will they manage to clinch the coveted top spot once again, securing an unprecedented perfect hat-trick in the Fun Cup? Best of luck to Riley and the team as they take to the track this weekend.

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