Liona Theobald Round 3 Donington Park Results Ginetta GT Championship 2023

Kimura Racing’s Liona Theobald raced at Round 3 of the Ginetta GT Championship at Donington Park last weekend.

Liona took to the track in 3 races…

Race 1 – She started strong and maintained P5, at the end of the race battling throughout and ended up securing in P6.
Race 2 – Was the best result of the season so far for Liona with a P4.
Race 3 – Liona started P4 but unfortunately on the first lap had an ABS failure, so ended up in P5.

Liona had this to say on her results:
‘Racing is full of highs and lows but that’s how you learn and become a better driver! I could not have done this weekend without the amazing support of the SVG Motorsport Team. They all worked so hard ensuring I was out for every race with a fast and reliable car!’

Liona now turns her attention to Silverstone in the 4th Round of the Championship starting Thursday 1st June with testing but over the following three days, there will be 6 races on both the National and GP layout.

In addition, the race which got cancelled at Silverstone last month, will be added on this weekend making it 7 races. As well as all the racing, there will be many activities going on such as parades, passenger laps, hospitality and more!

If you’re around, please go and support Liona for an exciting 4 days at Silverstone!

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