Nürburgring 24 Hour Race Results

Kimura Racing’s very own Riley Phillips provided a detailed review of the team’s efforts in their third race of the season.

The team combined as one team of 4 in one car for the 24-hour race. The 4 drivers were:

The team had a mix of iRacing abilities with 2 very new to iRacing and Matt being the seasoned pro spearheading the qualification attempts. The team were drawn in Split 8 out of 16, with an average of 3300 iRacing points; it would be a challenge in this split with such a spread of experience in the team. Matt put in a good performance in Qualification, claiming P5. Practiced had shown front leading pace, but traffic and perhaps a better race setup than qualification setup meant he had to settle for P5.

With 50 cars on the grid the start was sure to be exciting with the narrow Nürburgring circuit adding plenty of difficulty to any overtaking manoeuvres. Matt took the first stint which was going to be one of the toughest, planning out the rest of the stints between the drivers to ensure everyone could get some rest. Matt had a good start but did have an incident on the way to carving his way to the front in short order. However, not any damage. It was great to be leading after the first stint but with many hours left and such a large variance of speed across the team everyone was going to have to put in their best driving to bring the car home near the front. After solid stints Eliza Seville & Floris Wijers did extremely well to keep the car in contention without serious damage, the team were down in 14th.

The Kimura drivers demonstrated good teamwork and were all delighted with their first podium finish of the season thus far. The aim for the next few races will be to improve on iRacing levels and get into the higher splits.

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