Kimura Racing are thrilled to announce our partnership with Trak Racer for 2023

Since 2008 Trak Racer has been designing and pioneering the best value, high-end gaming platforms and accessories. Trak Racer products are made from the highest quality materials that offer unsurpassed durability. To back this, Trak Racer offers warranties that give customers peace of mind over the long term. From extensive research in both real-world motor-sports racing and game simulation, Trak Racer understands the importance of design, cutting-edge engineering and knowing what it takes to give the edge over the competition.

Kimura Racing and Trak Racer have joined forces with a partnership that will not only include succeeding in common goals but also drive each other to ensure 2023 is a year to remember and set the foundations of a strong long-standing relationship within the industry.

Kimura Racing quickly identified Trak Racer as one of the key partners for the year. The team wanted to acquire the best simulator equipment available, and it became evident after the initial conversations that Trak Racer were the perfect partner. Kimura Racing are proud to be a partner of Trak Racer and to be able to showcase their amazing brand and products.

Ethan Pattison, Head of Sim Racing at Kimura Racing, said; “This is a strong partnership to have for the future of Kimura Racing. Not only are Trak Racer a brand that consistently produces the highest quality products but also their team are great to work with and I look forward to moulding new ideas together and achieving a great working relationship with both parties.”

Trak Racer stated “We are excited to partner with Kimura Racing to support their growth in the sim racing and Esports industry with our simulators and products. Stay tuned with more to come from Trak Racer x Kimura Racing this year.”

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