Kimura Racing – Academy Sim Team – Bathurst 12 Hours

The Kimura Racing Academy team was formed by Riley Phillips and Donovan Dyer. There was some misfortune due to timing errors whereby we did not have enough time to set a lap in qualifying therefore we were starting at the back of the grid. Riley Phillips took to the wheel to take the first two hour stint and did an incredible job at coming through the field and towards the end of the two hours he managed to get the car up to the top 10. 

It was then time for Donovan Dyer to take the stage and had an amazing great two hour stint managing to hold that position for two hours. As time went on and tiredness and fatigue crept in we had a few minor lapses in concentration where we had to come into the garage to get repairs. After these delays the team were then at the back at the grid. 

The academy had to work hard to come through the remainder of the race, they finished the 12 hours in 23rd place. Both found the race a great experience and they are very excited for the next race to come!

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